Threefold Pastry


Bringing next level indulgence to the West with a creative range of sweet and savoury pastries folded to perfection.


Completed December 2020


Parramatta Square, Western Sydney


Artisanal but distinctly modern with an open studio feel, a working bespoke stone top bench, chefs on show for a glimpse into the world of the pastry making process. Here the expertly prepared sweet and savoury filled croissants, pastries, pies, sandwiches and great quality coffee at Threefold truly shine– the name celebrated by paying homage to the threefold pastry technique in croissant making.


New artisan pastry store opening: full service package collaborating with owners as an end to end solution across pre-opening and build, through to execution of concept to launch and post open:

  • Concept, naming and brand development with client and agency
  • Project lead on all operational elements from design, build and brand to financials, procurement, delivery of all service, workflow and product elements, covering every detail across the entirety of the project.


Interior Designer: Paul Kelly Design
Branding: Squad Ink
Interior Photographer: Murray Fredericks
Interior Photographers: Serv
Builder: MPA

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