Empowering hospitality entrepreneurs to make big ideas a reality, stay a step ahead of the game and create hugely successful businesses.

Strategic, intentional, food and drink obsessed, with a laser like focus and acute attention to detail, Spitfire Fox brings a fresh approach to developing brands and launching new hospitality concepts. Along with delivering a unique combination of creativity, specialist industry knowledge, global operational experience, honed culinary skill and commercial savvy.

Our Story

Spitfire Fox was founded with an imaginative and bold spirit, a passion for eating, drinking and dining. With a goal to share ideas, empower business owners and explore new possibilities. Kelly Taylor the founder of Spitfire Fox, is one of those people that loves food & wine and everything else in the world of hospitality. Taste, flavour, the perfect char on that 150 day dry aged beef, the cut of a crystal glass, the equal parts in a perfectly balanced Negroni or simply coming together to share a great meal. It is this love, allied with her career in the hospitality business, that has been the centre of her universe; as has the unwavering search for the why and the what, behind exceptional culinary experiences.

The business of food is about more than what’s on the plate. Food has the power to be social, inspiring, and fun, bringing people together with satisfaction and pleasure. The process of developing, designing, and building spaces, delivering profitable business concepts, and finding specialised solutions requires meticulous execution – the essence from which Spitfire Fox was born.

Kelly is armed with over two decades expertise in the hospitality industry, opening and running large scale, multi-site operations and building successful brands. A proud Kiwi born and bred, I was lured back to the Southern shores, relocating to Sydney in 2015 after thriving in London’s bright lights for over a decade. My journey includes eight impactful years in numerous projects and senior roles with Soho House, a globally renowned and successful operator in the international hospitality industry. Embracing new opportunities, I have also collaborated with esteemed establishments like the Grounds of Alexandria and QT Hotels, channelling my passion for creating and delivering exceptional hospitality concepts and brands.

Today’s ever-changing market demands an approach that seamlessly combines creativity and commerciality. At Spitfire Fox, we possess the expertise to build and execute solid strategies that deliver results. Whether you have a new project on the horizon, are gearing up for launch, or seeking guidance for your existing business, Spitfire Fox can help you navigate challenges, mitigate risks, and elevate your success.

🚀 Let’s embark on an extraordinary journey together. Reach out, and let Spitfire Fox be your definitive edge in the world of hospitality. 🍴

Our Partners

We work alongside project partners who are industry professionals in Branding, Architecture, Interior Design, Construction and Kitchen & Bar Design to craft beautiful spaces collaboratively from begin to end, bringing razor-sharp focus to every detail.
We also recommend external agencies to deliver the best results in specialised services from content production, recruitment, marketing and public relations and work closely with these partners to deliver your project outcomes.