Santa Catarina


A fresh spin on ancient Oaxacan cuisine, offering a vibrant interpretation of the region’s rich culinary traditions.


Completed December 2023


Clarence Street, Sydney CDB


The glamorous city restaurant and mezcal bar is one of seven venues within the Milpa Collective portfolio, mirroring the rustic charm of South-Eastern Mexico.  Featuring elegant curved central booths and cosy banquettes, a spacious dining area at the back, and a welcoming front bar with window seating, along with a wall to ceiling tequila and artisanal mezcal selection. The menu explores wild, bold, and bright Mexican flavours, celebrating the incredible quality of seasonal Australian ingredients with delicious, shareable traditional Oaxacan cuisine.


Custom tailored package collaborating with owners to provide strategic advice, drive growth and sharpen performance focusing on the overall development of all foundations across the business:

  • F&B concept and brand development with owners and group GM, from menu tastings to pricing and engineering, design refresh and brand positioning
  • Events & marketing, guest experience, senior mentorship, music & ambience, service style and strategic business planning


Menu Design: Ceren Burku Turkan


“As co-owner of Milpa Collective, I’m thrilled with the impact Spitfire Fox has brought to our established city restaurant across a 3-month period. Their strategic business advisory, tailored package, and focused mentorship for senior management has not only enhanced our team’s capabilities but also laid a robust foundation for success and fast-tracked growth. Spitfire Fox’s meticulous attention to F&B development, menu engineering, guest experience, ambience, and comprehensive financial analysis showcases their thorough approach to elevating the business. Their invaluable additional contributions, including establishing solid operational structures, financial modelling, and brand insights, have further solidified our partnership. We highly recommend Spitfire Fox to any hospitality business seeking unparalleled expertise and transformative results.”

Co-owner, Milpa Collective

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